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Trebbiano Wine of Umbria

Trebbiano is a grape probably originated in the eastern Mediterranean basin.
It is among the more popular varieties in Italy, for its adaptability, and is present in dozens of production regulations, featuring numerous DOC.
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Trebbiano dell'Umbria - Vino Trebbiano Umbria IGP

Chardonnay wine of Umbria

Chardonnay is a grape native of France (Burgundy) and its name comes from Chardonnay, the namesake village of the Mâconnais, Burgundy. Vine widespread in France where it is the main component of the blend of fine wines and champagne, in Italy it has spread throughout the national territory and in particular in areas with sparkling wine vocation

Cabernet-Sauvignon wine of Umbria

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a very popular grape in the Bordeaux region in France where it is the main component of the blend of some of the most prestigious wines in the “Bordeaux blend” with the Merlot.
Il Cabernet-Sauvignon è un vitigno molto diffuso in Italia …
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Cabernet Sauvignon umbria IGP - Uva e vigneto

Grechetto wine of Umbria

With Grechetto name they are given the very different varieties, toghether but by the same import basin or the eastern Mediterranean. The cultivation of Grechetto has spread to different locations in the province of Perugia and Terni.
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Merlot wine of Umbria

Merlot is a grape native of the southwest of France and especially cultivated in the Bordeaux area. The name leads back to the pleasantness of its berries to birds and in particular the blackbird. Present throughout the national territory fine from 1880 is considered one of the international varieties…
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Merlot Umbria

Sangiovese wine of Umbria

The Sangiovese grape origin is attributable to the Chianti area. Sangiovese is the most popular grape in the country and was vinified alone or in cuts with other indigenous and international varieties. It is present in numerous DOC.
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vino Merlot Umbria IGP
Grey Pinot

Grey Pinot of Umbria

The Pinot Grigio is a grape of French origin and widely cultivated throughout the world. The term Pinot indicates a number of different grape varieties, which are distinguished by characteristics and use, genetically descended from Pinot Noir. Coppery color, Pinot Grigio is often vinified in white but if vinified in contact with the skins takes its peculiar coppery color and is theoretically less “gifted” his black or white variant. Yet its spread has also pioneered the production of great wines fruity, fragrant and well structured. By grape variety Pinot gris you are obtained a pale yellow wine with golden reflections. The nose slightly fragrant, fruity, dry, alcoholic, soft, fresh, harmonious and balanced. If vinified in copper it takes on a slightly bitter taste. The Pinot Grigio goes well with starters, particularly the meats, fish and white meats.
Pinot Grigio Umbria

Sauvignon wine of Umbria

Sauvignon, also called Sauvignon blanc is a white grape variety, coming from the French region of Bordeaux. And ‘one of the most popular white grape varietals in the wine world. The grape variety Sauvignon, thanks to its adaptability, is grown extensively in France, Australia, New Zealand, California and, with a small proportion, even in Italy. Depending on the climate, the Sauvignon wines can give hints of herbs or fresh fruit. In any case the resulting wines are intended to a fast consumption, given that the higher aging to one year does not give ameliorative effects on the organoleptic characteristics in most cases. Sauvignon grape achieves a straw yellow wine, more or less. The nose is aromatic and characteristic, with floral and fruity notes. In the mouth it is soft and velvety, with warm tones, full bodied, fine, harmonious and usually persistent. And ‘ideal to be accompanied with fish dishes and cheeses.
Sauvignon Umbria
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